Forward in Aviation - September 2006

Volume 4, Issue 3

In This Issue:

Family, Friends, and Airplanes at AirVenture ’06

Saluting Those Who Attend AirVenture – Rose Dorcey

Our 2006 Scholarship Recipients: Van Lanen, Linton

Parods Commemorated in Ceremony, Artwork in Cable – Paul Mitchell

WAHF Member Vandervort Builds, Flies RV-6

Doyle Signs Bill Naming “Fritz E Wolf Aviation Center” in Madison

Milwaukee’s Klaybor Writes Meet the Robins kids’ book

WASP Tribute Dedicated at The Highground – Rose Dorcey

Did You See a Couch Go By – Transportation at AirVenture

Featuring AirVenture’s Jerry Sleger of his One Man Band

Pilgrimage to Poplar – Gary Dikkers

Johnson Family Finds Downed Aircraft in Indonesia – Source AOPA

Young Eagles Event at Middleton

Spaceport Sheboygan, Rockets for Schools – Gary Dikkers

Recommended Reading: The Mercury 13 by Martha Ackman

Terminal Dedication at Dane County Regional Airport

Airports, Playgrounds or Community Assets? Rose Dorcey

Report from 64th Annual Doolittle Raiders Reunion – Chuck Marotske

Northwoods Chapter of the 99s Begins

F-22s, C-5s at NAS New Orleans, ATC Height Shares Photos – Tyler Height

Dorceys Present Lance Sijan Presentation at AirVenture

WAHF Members Participate in UW People Program

Wisconsin Rapids Native Flies F-22 at AirVenture – Deb Cleworth

Astronaut Lee a Leader in Wisconsin Spaceport