Call for Hall of Fame Nominations

Dorcey, John M. March 13, 2023

Who has made a difference in Wisconsin aviation history? Who among those folks will you nominate for induction into the Wisconsin Aviation Hall of Fame?

Kohler Aviation advertisement Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle

Kohler Aviation Corporation

Dorcey, John M. June 28, 2023

A brief history of the first across the lake airline.

Loening C-2C arrives Maitland Field Milwaukee WI

Flying the Bridge Across Lake Michigan

Dorcey, John M. July 15, 2023

The first flight for Kohler Aviation Corporation's Bridge Across Lake Michigan. On Aug 29, 1929 the Loening C-2C Air Yacht departs Grand Rapids MI arrives about 90 minutes later in Milwaukee WI. Two days later, on Sep 1, 1929, the first revenue flight was flown.

Congressional Medal of Honor

Congressional Medal of Honor

Dorcey, John M. Aug. 6, 2023

A happenstance opportunity to hear two recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor led to a search for Wisconsin's Medal of Honor recipients.

Lindbergh's Badger Days

Lindbergh's Badger Days

Goc, Michael Aug. 15, 2023

Did you know that Charles Lindbergh, before he was a pilot, attended UW-Madison? A review of the book that shares stories of Lindbergh, the student, 1920-1922.

Marston Mat

Marston Mat

Dorcey, John M. Sept. 4, 2023

Traditional runway construction methods during times of war are not acceptable. In 1939, while most of the world was at war, the United States addressed this problem among many others. This is the story of how Marston Mat solved that issue.

Northern Wisconsin from above

Wisconsin's Passport Program - Wings Over Wisconsin

Dorcey, Rose Sept. 27, 2023

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) has a "Passport Program" that encourages pilots to visit all of Wisconsin's public use airports. Steve Benesh of Oshkosh was awarded the top prize, a leather flight jacket, at the Wisconsin Aviation Conference held last week in Appleton.