WAHF Inductees

Joe Abernathy

Joseph M. Abernathy

Left an indelible mark on aviation in Wisconsin.


Bill Adams

Airshow performer

Bill Amorde1

William Amorde

Aviation community builder

Merton Baker

Merton Baker

Military Pilot, Flew in Two Wars, Flight Instructor

Warren Basler 2

Warren Basler

Oshkosh airport FBO and Basler DC3 turbo conversion STC

Jeff Baum 2015

Jeff Baum

Entrepreneur, university lecturer, business manager, and pilot


David Behncke

Founder and long time president of the Air Line Pilots Association


William A. "Bill" Blank

Senior AME, Air Show Pilot


Richard I. Bong

Ace of Aces, Medal of Honor recipient


Bill Bordeleau

The most familiar voice in American air show history


Tom Bouchard

The Ambassador of Ashland’s John F Kennedy Memorial Airport


Jesse Brabazon

One of few Americans who soloed prior to December 1916

Robert R. Brackett

Robert R. Brackett

Pilot, mechanic, FBO owner and inventor Bob wore many hats.

Dan Brandenstein 4

Daniel Brandenstein

Astronaut logged over 789 hours in space in 4 space shuttle missions


William Brennand

Air racer, aircraft restorer, FBO and EAA seaplane base chairman


Anton Brotz

Founding father of aviation in the Sheboygan area


Pete J. Bunce

26-year Air Force (F-15s & A-10s), commanded fighter units in combat, CEO GAMA


Paul A. Cassiman

Commanded Attack Squadron 94 in the western Pacific


Harry Chaplin

Instrumental in the development of five airports

Gene R. Chase

Gene R. Chase

Military aviator, flight instructor, EAA museum director, author, restorer

Robert Clarke 2015

Robert Clarke

Developed one of the finest aviation education programs in the country

Paul Collins 4

Paul Collins

Piloted inaugural flight of the fabled transcontinental route


Rellis Conant

First flight across Lake Michigan by a land based airplane


Orland Corben

Designed sporty little aircraft for the homebuilder


Dale E. Crites

A central figure in Wisconsin aviation for over 60 years


Dean G. Crites

George Cudahy 2 1998

George F. Cudahy

Highly decorated F4 combat pilot


H. Paul Culver

Expert Pilot Certificate number 74

Dan Donovan

Dan Donovan

Earned the Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award in 2008


John M. Dorcey

WisDOT Chief pilot, KOSH Ops Manager, FAA Master Pilot and Charles Taylor awards

Rose Dorcey 2019

Rose Dorcey

Aviation publisher, longest serving president of WAHF and pillar of many aviation organizations

Pete Drahn

Peter Drahn

Brigadier General, 3,000 hours as command pilot, 323 combat missions


Arnold Ebneter

Designer, builder, record holder. FAA Master Pilot and Master Mechanic awards


Clairmont L. Egtvedt

From mechanical engineer to CEO of Boeing, known as the father of the B17

Lynn Erickson

Lynn Erickson

Airport revitalizer, educator, experienced aviator


Duane Esse

No one has had a greater impact on the progress of Wisconsin aviation education

Collin Ferris 2 1999

Collins Ferris

Has been called the "father" of the Wisconsin Air National Guard

Lt JG James H Flately Jr USN

James H. Flatley

Admiral, World War II flying ace, aerial gunnery expert and Naval tactician

Duffy Gaier 2015

Harold (Duffy) Gaier

Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Wisconsin aviation's best friend

Darryl Gibson 2 2015

Darrel R. Gibson

Founded Gibson Aviation in 1961 and Eau Claire Airport manager


Paul Benjamin Gnauck

Made the first attempt to cross Lake Michigan in a homemade aircraft


Carlyle Godske

Founded Racine Flying Service, helped establish Wisconsin Aeronautics Commission


Robert J. Goebel

WWII P51 Mustang Ace, became physicist, Gemini & Skylab programs

Greg Gorak 2015

Gregory G. Gorak

Master pilot, master flight Instructor, taught more than 18,000 flight instructors

Alfred M. Gorham

Alfred M. Gorham

Military Pilot, Tuskegee Airman

LaVerne H. Griffin

LaVerne H. Griffin

One of the Air Force’s premier reconnaissance pilots in Korea and Vietnam

Marie Schuette and her husband Lyle Grimm

Lyle Grimm

Military pilot, FBO owner, Designated Pilot Examiner

Carl Guell 1992

Carl E. Guell

Father of the aerial field trip has served in aviation and aerospace education for nearly 50 years


Thomas F. Hamilton

Made a long and lasting impact on the development of the airplane and aviation

Richard Hanusa

Richard Hanusa

EAA Director of Ground Operations and founder of DH Aviation Consulting, LLC.

George Hardie

George A. Hardie

Writer and aviation historian. EAA Board of Directors


Herbert Hardrath

One of America's foremost experts in aircraft material and structure fatigue


Ruth Harman Walravan

Mastered aerobatics and taught WWII aviators to fly back when women were the exception

Jean Hauser 2008

Jean C. Hauser

Trailblazer and Wisconsin's first deaf pilot


Ed Hedeen

Naval aviator, stunt pilot, air racer, Johnson Wax pilot, flight school manager

Tom Hegy

Thomas "Tom" Hegy

Pilot, Aircraft Mechanic, Aircraft Restorer, Aviation Advocate


Archie Henkelmann

Educator and pilot


Francis M. Higgins

Leadership that was instrumental in the success of North Central Airlines

Timothy E Hoeksema 1995

Timothy E. "Tim" Hoeksema

Pilot, Aircraft Mechanic, Airline President


Ralph Thomas Huggins

Aircraft Mechanic, Pilot

Robert Huggins leather helmet

Robert E. "Bob" Huggins

Pilot, Airport Owner, Airport Manager

James Igou

James F. "Jim" Igou

Pilot, Aircraft Mechanic

John L. "Jack" Jerstad Major

John L. "Jack" Jerstad

Military Pilot, Congressional Medal of Honor

Paul Johns

Paul A. Johns

Pan Am Pilot, Aircraft Builder, Airport Namesake

Sam Johnson

Samuel Curtiss Johnson Jr.

Pilot, Aviation Benefactor

Leroy Jonas 3

Leroy Jonas

Airport Proponent

Robert Jones 2

Robert J. Jones

Military Pilot, Bataan Death March Survivor

John Kaminski

John G. Kaminski

Pioneer Pilot

Jeanette Kapus

Jeanette C. Kapus

Pilot, WASP, USAF officer

Don Kiel

Donald G. Kiel

Airline pilot, general aviation advocate

Knaup Bros chart

Edward "Ed" Knaup

Knaup Bros chart

James Knaup

Pilot, FBO Owners, Aircraft Distributors, Airport Operators

Knaup Bros chart

Ray Knaup

Richard Knobloch

Richard A. Knobloch

Military Pilot, Doolittle Raider

Dan Knutson

Daniel T. Knutson

A leader in aircraft restoration

Dick Knutson 2003

Richard W. Knutson

Pilot, Aircraft Restorer

Walter Kohler

Walter J. Kohler

Aviation Advocate


Steven Krog

Experienced aviator, instructor, and leader

Robert Kunkel 2003

Robert W. "Bob" Kunkel

Pilot, Airport Engineer, Aeronautics Bureau Director

Leonard Larson

Leonard W. Larson

Pilot, Airport Owner, FBO Owner,


Roy Larson

Flight instructor, air show manager and barnstormer

Alfred Lawson

Alfred W. Lawson

Pilot, Aviation Author, Aircraft Designer and Builder

Jerome LeBarron Headshot

Jerome C. LeBarron

Aerospace engineer, pilot, flight instructor and aircraft mechanic

Clyde Lee with chart at front of Stinson ca unknown (Wittman Regional Airport)

Clyde Lee

Air Show Pilot, Wingwalker, Parachute Jumper

Nobel Lee

Nobel F. Lee

FBO and Airport Manager

Walter E Lees cockpit

Walter E. Lees

Pilot, Mechanic, Flight Instructor, Corporate Pilot, Test Pilot, Military Pilot

William Lotzer 2

William J. Lotzer

Military Pilot, FBO Owner, Airport Manager, Designated Pilot Examiner

James A Lovell Jr 3

James A. "Jim" Lovell Jr.

Military Pilot, Astronaut, Aerospace Business Executive

Richard Lutz youthful

Richard W. Lutz

Pilot, Airport Owner, Aviation Advocate

Lester Maitland flight suit

Lester J. Maitland

Military Pilot, Trans-Pacific Pilot, Aeronautics Administrator, Episcopal lay Minister

Michael McArdle 4

Michael "Mike" McArdle

Pilot, Aeronaut, Aviation Educator, Civil Air Patrol

Wendell McEldowney

Wendell L. McEldowney

Aviation Advocate

Jerry Mehlhaff

Jerry K. Mehlhaff

Pilot, Airport Owner, FBO Owner, Airport Manager, Aircraft Manufacturer

Giles Meisenheimer

Giles Meisenheimer

Military Pilot, Chief Pilot, Airport Manager

Billy Mitchell 1919

William L. "Billy" Mitchell

Military Pilot, Air Power Visionary

Marc Mitscher cockpit

Marc Andrew "Pete" Mitscher

Military Pilot, Admiral, Task Force Commander

John Moody hs

John Moody

Father of the Ultralight Movement

Field Morey induction

Field P. Morey

Pilot, Flight Instructor, FBO Owner, Airport Owner,

Howard Morey2 October 1986

Howard A. Morey

Pilot, Airport Founder, Airline Executive


Warren S. O'Brien

Pilot, Waukesha Flying Club fonder, Civil Air Patrol, Aviation Historian

Tad Oelstrom

Tad J. Olestrom

USAF Fighter Pilot, Air Force Academy Superintendent

Harry Orlady

Harry Orlady

Pilot, Human Factors Consultant

Libby Parod 1995

Libby Parod

Pilot, Airport Manager

Earl Pingel 1992

Earl Pingel

Military Pilot, Aviation Educator

Paul Poberezny

Paul H. Poberezny

Military Pilot, Aircraft Builder, EAA Founder

Tom Poberezny

Thomas P. "Tom" Poberezny

Air Show Pilot, EAA President

Roy Reabe 6

Roy W. Reabe

Military Pilot, Agri-business Owner

Robert C Reeve

Robert C. Reeve

Airline Founder, Bush Pilot, Aircraft Mechanic

Vern Reller

LuVerne H. "Vern" Reller

Air Show Pilot, Corporate Pilot, Aircraft Builder

Bill Rewey 2008

William M. "Bill" Rewey

Military Pilot, Pilot, Aircraft Builder

Carl Rindlisbacher

Carl F. Rindlisbacher

Airport Manager, Weather Observer, Airport Advocate

Herman Salmon

Herman "Fish" Salmon

Barnstormer, Parachute Stuntman, Race Pilot, Test Pilot

John P Salzer

John P. Salzer

Airport Developer

Joshua Sanford

Joshua D. Sanford

Military Pilot

Richard Schmidt

Richard Schmidt

Military pilot, corporate pilot, airline pilot

Art Scholl courtesy Art Scholl Aviation

Arthur "Art" Scholl

Aeronautical Engineer, Aviation Educator, Air Show Pilot, Movie Stunt Pilot, Aircraft Mechanic

Marie Schuette 2003

Marie Schuette

Respected Pilot and Aviation Business Woman

John Schwister

John Schwister

Wisconsin's first aircraft homebuilder

Ron Scott 2013

Ron Scott

Pilot, Aircraft Builder, Volunteer

Steve Shallbreck

Steve Shallbreck

Pilot, Airport Manager, Air Ambulance Operator

Roy Shwery 1992

Roy Shwery

Military Pilot, Pilot, Aircraft Mechanic, FBO Owner, Airline Founder

Janis Sierra

Janis Sierra

Military Pilot, EMS Pilot

Lance Sijan 1st Lieutenant

Lance P. Sijan

Military Pilot, Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient


Jeff Skiles

Airline pilot, aviation advocate

Robert Skuldt Colonel

Robert Skuldt

Military Pilot, Airport Manager

Deke Slayton 1988

Donald K. "Deke" Slayton

Military Pilot, Astronaut

Austin Straubel

Austin Straubel

Military Pilot

Robert Stuckey

Robert Stuckey

Military Pilot, Corporate Pilot, Designated Pilot Examiner

Bgen Dennis B Sullivan

Dennis Sullivan

Military Combat Pilot

Chuck Swain 2021

Charles Swain

Pilot, Mechanic, MRO Owner


Woodrow P. Swancutt

Air Force Maj Gen, B29a atomic drop at Bikini, SAC, vice commander Second Air Force

Jimmy L Szajkovics 2015

Jimmy L. Szajkovics

Military Pilot, Aviation Safety Advocate

Tom Thomas 2015

Tom Thomas

Military Pilot, Civil Air Patrol, Aviation Advocate


Melvin Thompson

Pilot, Barnstormer, Aircraft Builder, FBO Owner

Archie Towle December 1939

Archie Towle

FBO Manager and Industry Leader

Nathan F. Twining

Nathan F Twining

Military Pilot, USAF Chief of Staff, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Hoyt Vandenberg USAF

Hoyt S. Vandenberg

USAF Chief of Staff

Marjorie and Russ Van Galder

Russell and Marjorie Van Galder

Pilot, Air Show Performer, Aircraft Mechanic, FBO Owner, Designated Pilot Examiner

Charles A. Vehlow

Charles A. "Chuck" Vehlow

Military Pilot, Aircraft Manufacturing Company Vice President

Logan Vilas

Logan "Jack" Vilas

First pilot to cross Lake Michigan, First Forest Fire patrol pilot, Civil Air Patrol

Don Voland 2007

Don Voland

Military Pilot, Corporate Pilot, Aviation Educator

Gunter Voltz

Gunter Voltz

Military Pilot, Glider Instructor

Bobbie Wagner 2015

Bobbie Wagner

Aviation Business Owner

Dick and Bobbie Wagner

Richard Wagner

Established one of Wisconsin's most successful aviation enterprises

Arthur Pratt Warner

Arthur P. Warner

Pilot, Inventor, first person to fly an airplane in Wisconsin

Elwyn West

Elwyn West

Pilot, Airport Manager, FBO Owner

Preston Wilourne

Preston H. Wilbourne

Aircraft Mechanic, Airline President

Rodney Williams

Rodney D. Williams

World War I Ace, Airport Manager

Sherwood Williams

Sherwood Williams

Designated Pilot Examiner, Flight School Owner, Civil Air Patrol

Don Winkler

Donald Winkler

Air Traffic Controller, Aviation Marketing, Civil Air Patrol

Steve Wittman October 1986

S. J. "Steve" Wittman

Air Race Pilot, FBO Owner, Airport Manager

Dick Wixom 2015

James Richard "Dick" Wixom

Aircraft Mechanic, Pilot, Founder of Blackhawk Airways

Fritz Wolf October 1987

Fritz Wolf

AVG, Military Pilot, Aeronautics Director

Charles M. Wood

Charles M. Wood

CPTP Instructor, Airport Advocate

John P Wood

John P. Wood

Barnstormer, Air Race Pilot, Airport Manager

Louis R. Wuilleumier

Louis R. Wuilleumier

Founded Four Lakes Aviation Corporation

Bill Zivko

Bill Zivko

Founded Zivko Aeronautics

Judy Zivko 2

Judy Zivko

Founded Zivko Aeronautics