Sherwood Williams
Sherwood Williams - Submitted Photo

Sherwood Williams

Dr. Sherwood Williams was a High School math and mechanical engineering teacher by profession and had never ridden in and airplane until he was given and introductory flight lesson as a birthday present when he turned 50. He had been a teacher for many years, and that first flight changed Woody’s life. He started flying lessons, soloed, and was on his way to an exciting career in aviation.

Dr. Williams served as a consultant to teachers at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay and at Viterbo University for over 25 years. His graduate-level continuing education courses are aimed at improving aviation teaching techniques. Woody has developed curricula, taught courses, and developed a website and a variety of publications, all aimed at improving the delivery of aviation education in the state of Wisconsin.

Dr. Williams also owned CAVU Flight Academy, for which he is Chief Instructor. He has earned all ten phases of the FAA Pilot proficiency Award program. He also has a Gold Seal on his CFI, and he has over 9,000 hours of flight time. Dr. Williams was also a Designated Pilot Examiner from 2003 to 2018.

In addition, he has served as a charter pilot out of Green Bay, and as a consultant to the EAA Youth Aviation program, where he trains teachers of aviation. Dr. Sherwood Williams currently serves as the National Aerospace Education Manager for the Civil Air Patrol, which is and Air Force Auxiliary.