Hall of Fame - Nominations

Nomination Form

The nomination process for individuals that you consider worthy of induction into the Wisconsin Aviation Hall of Fame is straightforward and has just one requirement. Individuals wishing to make a nomination must be a member of the organization. Complete the membership application (PDF) to become a member, fulfilling that requirement. The nomination form (PDF) is simply a coversheet for the substantiation materials that you provide. We ask that you provide as much material as possible so that we may give due consideration to your nominee.

Click here to download the Nomination Form (PDF)


To honor individuals who have made significant contributions to the development, advancement, or promotion of aviation in the State of Wisconsin.

Nomination Criteria:

  1. Nominees must have been natives of Wisconsin or residents of the State of Wisconsin during a significant portion of the activity for which they are cited.
  2. Nominees should have made a significant contribution to aviation in one or more segments of aviation, which may include piloting, aircraft maintenance, aircraft design or manufacture, aviation education, aviation sales and promotion of aviation activity.
  3. Nominees should have achieved a high degree of excellence or proficiency in the activity for which they are cited.
  4. Nominees may be cited for achievements in either civil or military aviation or both.
  5. Nominees may be either living or deceased.

Who May Nominate:

Any member of the Wisconsin Aviation Hall of Fame in good standing may submit a nomination to the Hall of Fame.

Election Procedure:

Nomination shall be submitted to the nominations committee, which shall select a maximum of 8 (eight) candidates to be presented to the WAHF Board of Directors. Nominees not selected shall be placed upon a list for future consideration for election to the Hall of Fame.

The Wisconsin Aviation Hall of Fame Board of Directors shall select the individuals to be inducted into the Wisconsin Aviation Hall of Fame.

Installation Ceremony:

The candidates selected shall be installed in the Wisconsin Aviation Hall of Fame at an appropriate ceremony.