Forward in Aviation - June 2006

Volume 4, Issue 3

In This Issue:

2006 WAHF Banquet – It’s a Date!

Flying Challenges Might Help Keep Us Flying – Rose Dorcey

New Women in Aviation Chapter Forms in Oshkosh

Pancakes, Radishes, and a Supercharged Griddle – Rose Dorcey

Where Does WAHF Go Now? John Dorcey

Why Airports Need Aviation Land-Use Zoning – Rose Dorcey

WAHF On the Road, Aviation History Presentations - Michael Goc

WAHF Places New History Display at Middleton Airport

Gone West: Preston Wilbourne, Don Rucks

Skuldt Wrote Name on Madison’s City History – Marv Balousek

Recommended Reading: America from the Air by Wolfgang Langewiesche

Adventure Philosophy Helps Wausau Flying Service Grow – Rose Dorcey

Report from Wisconsin Aviation Conference

Anteaters on the Lam at Dane County Airport – Melanie Conklin