Forward in Flight - Fall 2012

Volume 10, Issue 3

In This Issue:

Being a Part of the Aviation Community – Heather Gollnow, CFI

Keeping Pilots Flying – Dr Tom Voelker, AME

WWII Vet from Mondovi Gets Overdue Medals – AP

Pearl Harbor Experiences Re-lived at AirVenture – Tom Thomas

A Life Remembered: Mary Belle Ahlstrom Smith – Frederick Beseler

James Flatley, Jr – An Enlisted Man’s Admiral – Tom Thomas

Wisconsin’s Combat Aces – Gary Dikkers

Bill Dye’s Gift – Michael Goc

On the Flightline in 1921 – Frederick Beseler

Book Review: Apollo 13 – Tom Thomas

Gone West: Major Nick Knilans

Member Spotlight: Peter Moll