Forward in Flight - Fall 2015

Volume 13, Issue 3

In This Issue:

Big Surprises Come in Small Packages – Elaine Kauh, CFI

Volume- vs Value-based Medicine – Dr Tom Voelker, AME

What I Learned About Aviation by Working Line Service – Dr Heather Gollnow

Central County Airport Renamed Paul Johns Field – Larry Stencel

Sophie Schaarschmidt Helped Pilots – Ron Wojnar

My F-89 Airplane Crash Near W-O-N-E-W-O-C –Bill Kerschner

Hoyt Vandenberg and the Mission of the US Air Force, Part II – Michael Goc

Airways News: Outgamie County becomes Appleton International Airport, Duax honored, more

Gone West: Louise Yeazel and Dorothy Erickson

Member Spotlight: Don Kiel