Forward in Flight - Spring 2011

Volume 9, Issue 1

In This Issue:

Do You Wish to Declare an Emergency? -Heather Gollnow

New Motto: Keep ’Em Flying – AME Tom Voelker

Tester Lee: Wisconsin’s Own McPilot – Tom Thomas

Tom Plendl: Bear in the Air – Duane Esse

Doug Benjamin: Experimental Test Pilot

Richard Lutz and the Oshkosh Airport – Michael Goc

Donovan, Rewey, Sullivan, Mitscher, and Shalbreck to be inducted in Fall

Andrew Ovans Joins WAHF Board of Directors

WAHF’s Centennial Cities Updates

Gone West: Reese, Kerscher, Goebel, and Wenkman

Member Spotlight: Jack Jerred