Forward in Flight - Spring 2013

Volume 11, Issue 1

In This Issue:

Technology: Practicing What I Teach – Dr Heathie Monthie

Disqualifying Conditions – Dr Reid Sousek, AME

Book Review: Unbroken – Tom Thomas

Oshkosh to Colorado in an LSA – Gary Geisler and Tim Lemke

The End, But Not the Last – Carrol Rands

Through These Gates, Tuskegee Airmen – John Dorcey

This Joker Was an Ace – Tom Thomas and Gary Dikkers

Walter J Kohler, the Flying Governor – Michael Goc

2013 Inductee Announcement: Bill Adams, Jeff Baum, Arnold Ebneter, Ron Scott, and Walter Kohler

Gone West: Thomas Griffin

Member Spotlight: Steve Sorge