Forward in Flight - Spring 2014

Volume 12, Issue 1

In This Issue:

Going High-tech Hasn’t Changed the Essence of Flying - Elaine Kauh, CFI

A Well-Spent Day Brings Happy Sleep – Dr Tom Voelker, AME

Book Review: Pioneer Pilot – Tom Thomas

Yesterday’s Pioneers Inspire Today’s Aviatrix - Karen Kalishek

From Eau Claire to the World and Back – Michael Goc

Wings of Freedom Tour: Flying with the Collings Foundation – John Dorcey and Charles Swain

International Women’s Day – Dr Heather Gollnow

Wisconsin’s Own Stonehenge? -Tom Thomas

WAHF Names 2014 Inductees: Drahn, Flatley, Voland, and Knaups

Gone West: Leo Kohn and Henry Ogrodzinski

Member Spotlight: Mike and Sharon Hartz

Peterson, Wojnar Join WAHF Board of Directors