Forward in Flight - Winter 2016

Volume 14, Issue 4

In This Issue:

Takeoffs in Summer and Winter – Elaine Kauh, CFI

The HIMS and FAA-SIRI Program – Dr Reid Sousek, AME

Eight Things a Student Pilot Should Know – Dr Heather Monthie

The Green Bay File – Michael Goc

Book Review: Fighters! – John Dorcey

Rose Dorcey-Full On Commitment in Everything She Does – Duane Esse

Merton Baker: Flying Two Wars and a Desk – Duane Esse

Milwaukee KC-135 Visits Madison – Tom Thomas

KIA – John C Nelson

Gone West: Terry J Kohler, Anthony “Tony” Wojnar

WAHF Inducts Five: Straubel, Zivkos, Szajkovics, and Hanusa

Member Spotlight: Mark Wrasse